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October 14, 2022 The Felton Process

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October 14, 2022 The Felton Process

At Felton, our 5 step-planning process is something that we take great pride in. Not only does it allow us to keep projects on time and budget, but makes sure that our clients are educated and updated the entire time.

1. Concept and design
Every project starts with an open discussion about your site, your brief, and your budget. We then develop an initial design concept that matches your budget.

This is followed by a series of 3D design workshops in our office. During these workshops, you share your ideas, magazine cutouts, Pinterest boards etc and we discuss, test, and refine various options in front of you.

Refining in real-time allows us to immediately see any flow-on effects—this not only saves a lot of time, but it means you will have a clear idea of your space and what to expect. It’s a collaborative and interactive process, always keeping your budget in mind throughout the design process.

2. Cost Planning
An itemised tender (including price) is prepared on completion of the design. This means you’ll have a design you love and a real price that you’re comfortable with before you start the approval phase. (This way there are no surprises after the DA is approved.)

We provide a complete lump sum tender price including a detailed specification before the design is submitted to the council for approval. Knowing the price before you go through the approval process, also means you won’t waste your time going to the council with something you can’t afford. It also means that once it comes out of the council, we can get things moving straight away.

3. Interior Design
Our interior designers start working on your project developing the specification and selections during the preparation of your tender. A staged approach means we spread the selections over the entire build process. This way you don’t feel rushed into making all the decisions at the beginning, but instead, have time to carefully consider each selection as it becomes relevant onsite.

We want you to see, feel, and experience your new interior before any decisions are made. That’s why we’ll bring your vision to life using 3D renders, mood boards, and product samples. We’ll guide and work with you to carefully source and select every finish and fitting. You will be supported throughout the entire process.

4. Construction
As we are the architect and builder, we eliminate the need to document every element of the design and only document what we actually need to know. This leads to substantial cost savings in construction documentation and streamlines the commencement of works onsite.

It is paramount that we deliver a perfect result onsite to reinforce our architecture. Our construction teams are also responsible for reinforcing the architecture. This means details and finishes cannot be left unconsidered or unresolved as it’s a reflection back on our design. It’s our responsibility to make sure there are no shortcomings and that every detail is perfectly executed.

5. Handover
This final phase is as important as every other phase. We take the time to ensure you know exactly how to use the house. We not only provide you with a complete user manual, but all the services—from the electrician to the air conditioning contractor—take you through all the various functions (so you know how everything works).

We understand that issues don’t always come up right away. That’s why we give you a maintenance period. During this time we’ll resolve any issues We are always proud to be able to hand over a home that exceeds our clients’ expectations