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July 13, 2022 The power of plants

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July 13, 2022 The power of plants

The power that plants and greenery add to spaces lies not only in their ability to soften and round out harder surrounding objects but in the idea of bringing the outdoors in!

However, you don’t want what belongs outdoors to shrivel up and die once it gets its new lease on life as a permanent part of the household! So, here are our top 5 indoor plants and where to keep them to make sure that you’re not losing out on your investment or the amazing impact that greenery brings to indoor spaces.

Olive Trees
While not the typical indoor plant, the light-hued foliage has surged in popularity as an essential to home stylists. Olive trees thrive on maximum sunlight and a larger pot/planter for the root system to grow. Ensure you are rotating your tree every month to allow even growth towards the light. We love to keep them in the bedroom or living spaces of the home to add a softness and sense of tranquility.

Fiddle Leaf Figs
FLF’s prefer bright, indirect light and ensure to only water them when the top inch of soil is dry to ensure steady growth. Place it in a corner to create a dramatic focal point, or next to a mirror to assist the eye in elevating upwards.

Travellers Palms
A dramatic speaking point to any room, the Travellers Palms excel indoors. Let this palm grow in a bright, sunny spot, but it can also thrive in low light levels too so don’t shy away from filling a darker corner with a full-sized Travellers Palm to brighten the space up. Avoid overwatering these and ensure you fertilise them, particularly in the Spring and Summer. We prefer to place our palms inside of natural wicker to compliment the organic look.

Kentia Palm
A favourite of Queen Victoria and The Ritz in London, the Kentia Palm adds a touch of exotic drama to any room, but our particular favourite is a staple in the office or dining room. Kentias require regular watering (2-3 times per week) and perform best in high humidity, so are perfect for sunrooms or enclosed terraces. Keep an eye out for more traditional planters/pots for this palm – think of a day in Cairo by the Nile River!

Phalaenopsis Orchid
Native to tropical Asia, the phalaenopsis has boomed in popularity over the past year and performs best in low light with a more humid climate and little water (1 x per week max). Varying in colour we like to mix it up our pots/planters and opt for a simple white pot with the brighter flowers, or a textured traditional pot for the white flowers. If you manage to get your hands on cut stems, they are the perfect dining table centrepiece of bedside staple.