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July 13, 2022 Incorporating art in your home.

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July 13, 2022 Incorporating art in your home.

Wondering how to incorporate artwork into your home and not sure how? We have put out top 5 tips for you below.

1: Stacking it together
Stacking artwork in pairs is a great way to create a vignette and highlight a piece of furniture or empty wall that needs a little love. When stacking artwork, we typically use one similar element — size, frame type or style, to make the pieces feel cohesive.

No. 2: Leaning it
Leaning artwork is a good alternative to hanging it in spaces where you don’t have wall space for hanging or simply want to create a different look. Hang artwork in the kitchen, in the laundry room, or over furniture.

No. 3: Hanging it alone
Of course, hanging artwork alone can highlight a large or favourite piece to fill up an empty wall space or bring character to a vignette.

No. 4: Styled in n built-ins
Styling artwork in built-ins is a great way to fill up the space and add tone and dimension. While we typically lean artwork in built-ins, hanging pieces on or between shelves can add an unexpected element, too!

No. 5: Layered and leaned
Layering more than one piece of artwork can bring an eclectic and lived-in feeling to a space. Whether styled above a console table in the living space or on a fireplace mantel, layered artwork can add a unique perspective.