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December 6, 2021 Choosing wallpapers for your home

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December 6, 2021 Choosing wallpapers for your home

A well-chosen wallpaper that is sympathetic to the style of your home, and combines the right amount of colour and pattern to suit your taste, can create a striking individual look. Follow our advice for inspirational ways to use designs in every room.

1. Think carefully about the mood you wish to create when selecting a design. In a bedroom, where you need to feel relaxed, a calm pattern will work well. Busier designs are better suited to areas where you spend less time, such as a hallway

2. Consider whether you would like the colours and patterns in adjacent rooms to complement each other in style or tone. Papers in a collection are usually designed to work together

3. Small-scale prints have a subtle effect, are generally easier to live with and can be partnered with others

4. Larger prints feel more dramatic and work best in spacious rooms, but they can also have the effect of making a smaller room feel more intimate and cosy

5. Trailing designs that run vertically from floor to ceiling can visually extend the walls to make them look taller, which can work well in rooms with lower ceilings