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February 28, 2020 European Trend Insights 2020 + Beyond

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February 28, 2020 European Trend Insights 2020 + Beyond

Last month in Frankfurt, Germany, Heimtextil once again opened its doors as the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles. However Heimtextil’s trend forum is a leading edge vehicle for highlighting much more than simply textile trends. The Heimtextil Trend Council is a highly regarded forum predicting the major directions influencing all aspects of life; ones that we can expect to see played out everywhere, including luxury home designs.

European trend insights 2020

A number of trend themes were introduced during the forum in a presentation by Anne Marie Commandeur, director of the Stijlinstituut Amsterdam and a leading light in the forecasting world.

‘Multi local’ was one of these themes, and described as one of the most important of the year. Multi-local sees indigenous style meet global influences. Celebrating inclusivity over appropriation, it honours traditional craftsmanship.

Ikea’s launch of the Överallt collection (pictured at top and below) features products by creatives from five African countries and demonstrates the trend perfectly, including textile patterns or influences from African landscapes, giving a stage to African designers, for the first time. It’s easy to see how the blend of exoticism, authenticity and craft embodied in this trend could be interpreted by modern luxury designer homes; think original crafted textiles from faraway places, weathered paint finishes and natural materials such as timber or stone.

European trend insights 2020


Another key trend going forward is ‘Pure Spiritual’ which seeks purity by connecting with nature, organic matter, raw materials and pure textiles. One of the projects Commandeur said reflected this trend was the We Hotel Toya in Japan by Kenga Kuma pictured here.

European trend insights 2020

Materials in the Pure Spiritual trend are tailored from natural ingredients such as mycelium, algae and pine bark, linking to the botanical world.

“It’s a welcome possibility for interior spaces aiming to reflect values in today’s climate. The man-made and natural world merge into an environment that is sensitive and stimulating for the senses. Doing good will become an important decision-maker for purchases in which the origins should be transparent and resources recognised as valuable.”

‘Active Urban’ was another of Commandeur’s themes and focuses on the urban dweller confronting the challenges of the fast paced, shape-shifting, man-made environment by searching for utilitarian, adaptable solutions. “Functionality is prioritised, while looking cool and working well remains key.”

Interior/sportswear hybrid textiles show smooth surfaces and a fun mash-up of graphic textures. Recycled inputs are also part of this trend. In terms of colour palette, pinks, uniform blue, asphalt grey and caterpillar yellow highlight a sense of playfulness.

“Playfulness is extremely important, we really want to play, we need to play.” Inside shapes by Form US with Love for Shaw Contract comes in 12 colours and 17 pre-mixed shape options (see image below). This is a slightly bolder choice for luxury house designs but could certainly be used to brilliant effect by a bolder than usual client. Elements of ‘Áctive Urban’ would undoubtedly work well in key designated spaces within a luxury home, while the growing trend for smart and flexible spaces such as concealed kitchens also plays into this direction.

European trend insights 2020