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July 29, 2016 Trend report: ‘Home as a haven’ in luxury house plans

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July 29, 2016 Trend report: ‘Home as a haven’ in luxury house plans

Luxury home designs are being influenced by a key trend in home design, which can be summed up as the notion of ‘home as a haven.’ Whether this is a reaction to the unease created by global terrorism, or to economic uncertainty, or a longing for a less digitally driven, more authentic existence, is hard to say.

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However what’s clear is that trend commentators are noting a distinct shift towards the ideal of ‘home as haven’ for 2017 and beyond. Designers of award winning homes and clients for modern luxury homes alike are embracing the trend.

The trend seminars at leading home textile expo Heimtextil, which took place in Frankfurt in early 2016, certainly set the tone for what is now being played out at the consumer level.

Presenting at the expo, Director of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam Anne Marie Commandeur took the theme of ‘There’s no place like home” as her cue for interior textile and design inspirations for 2017 and beyond. As thousands of refugees traverse the world in search of a home and a better life, the emphasis is on safety and well-being, she said.

A related theme looked at the concept of “Nature is home”, with emphasis on the organic fused with technology to create fabrics that change according to external conditions, or the use of nature themes in prints and designs. Meanwhile the idea that “My home is my garden” evolves the idea of bringing the outside in, with plant beds incorporated into a house’s structure.

Another international trend guru Mayouri Sengchanh echoed many of these sentiments. She pointed to the idea of “enhanced nature” blending innovative technology with the natural world. Evidence of this can be found in the fact that people are increasingly enticed by the idea of the outdoors; the camping revival is in full swing, while the idea of the rustic life is infiltrating fashion and home décor, with designs from realistic leaves and foliage to cracked earth and colours ranging from greens to earth browns and soft greys, highlighted by pops of neon such as bright ‘Limoncello’.

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Here at Felton we’ve also noticed a subtle shift towards comfort and wellbeing, for example in the form of a move to warmer textures and finishes in custom designed homes, demonstrated through interest in earthy materials such as terracotta tiles and timber flooring.

Another key shift noted by architectural and interior design commentators, in line with the idea of home as a haven, is a shift in interest around the ongoing trend for open plan living. It’s not so much that open plan living is dead, more that, when scoping out ideas for their luxury home designs,  clients are complementing open spaces with smaller, more defined living ones such as private nooks for relaxation or specific activities such as eating or reading.

“Many of these shifts in thinking aren’t really made at a conscious level, but can be seen as mega-trends that influence how we live,” says one commentator.

This chimes well with our philosophy here at Felton Constructions. We believe translating our clients’ deepest wishes in terms of wellbeing into their home environment should be a central element of most luxury house plans.