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May 30, 2016 Colour and paint finishes in interior décor for luxury home designs

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May 30, 2016 Colour and paint finishes in interior décor for luxury home designs

Finding the optimum colour scheme is widely regarded as the ultimate finishing touch when it comes to luxury home design. You want the room to look perfect because it’s something you will be looking at for a long time if you can get it right. It sets the mood of the room while also giving you the foundation on which to base the rest of your interior design.

Colour and paint finishes

The colour wheel

Introducing the colour wheel – interior designers love using it for luxury home designs and it’s certainly a great placed to start. The wheel helps reveal how colours are mixed and relate to each other, providing you with the perfect colours that ‘go’. It is made up of a mix of primary colours; learning how colours relate and react with each other is key to integrating colour into  your luxury house plans.

Colour and paint finishes

Some people prefer to have an analogous colour scheme where you choose colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel such as blue, green and yellow. A complementary colour scheme differs in that it uses colours from opposite ends of the wheel.

You can create different tints and shades of colour by adding black or white to the base colour. This can give you greater diversity to find colours that aren’t on the colour wheel.


Maybe you want people to feel comfortable, creative, energised, welcoming or private there are many colours which have colour connotations that can help you get a sense of the mood you want to project.

To achieve an active look designers often choose the primary colours on the colour wheel. The use of strong unmixed colours will be best for this look like red, grey and orange.

If a more relaxing colour is what you are looking for then white and grey are key. This mood is great for rooms that you will spend most of your time in.

Using brown tones can help create a warm vibe perfect for the bedroom and great when paired with gold and red.

Choosing the paint type

blue paint

Once you have the colour and mood set for your custom designed home it essential to choose the right type of paint.

Some of our favourites include: enamel, satin and gloss.

Enamel paint is toughest type of paint, which makes it great for wear and tear and easier to paint rough surfaces. Just keep in mind that enamel paints do take longer to dry and a strong smell can linger for a while after application

If you are on the hunt for a smooth and velvety finish, look no further because satin paints are the ones that will give you that satin look. Satin paints are ideal for a child’s bedrooms as well as bathrooms and kitchens. They are also durable.

Gloss paint has a shiny finished look which is great for that statement wall in your luxury home design but might not work so well for every wall of the house.

Painted ceilings

Colour and paint finishes

This has become a growing trend for luxury modern homes A statement ceiling may not be something you include straight away in your new home but can be added with time.

A painted ceiling is great for the kids bedroom to liven it up with their favourite colour, or to complement the living room decor. This approach can actually be used in any room of the house, although it’s best to avoid ‘over-using’ it in every room!

It’s always good to note that if you are going with a strong statement colour for the ceiling it’s wise to opt for more neutral hues for the rest of the room so there isn’t too much of a clash.

Size and colour

Different colours can have dramatically different effects on the apparent size of a room, with darker colours ‘shrinking’ a room and brighter ones expanding it. This rule of thumb also applies to ceilings, so a darker coloured ceiling will help ‘lower’ a very high room while a light one will heighten it.